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Fashion Review by Natasha

Oh Polly Review

"I was shocked at the return fee"

Meet the gorgeous Natasha Higham, we gave her £30 spending money to grab her fave item from Oh Polly!

I’m 24 years old and I’m a Lettings administrator from West Yorkshire. I have an older brother who is like my best friend! When I was younger I had so many hobbies- I went to swimming, girl guides, Zumba classes, music centres (I played the flute amongst other instruments) I was in the Royal Regiment of Lancashire Fusiliers corps of drums as a fife player, I was also a bell ringer for my local church, I took part in competitions such as Miss UK Continents and others. I worked hard to be part of all these organisations alongside my studies at school, college and university. I studied performance throughout all my academic years and graduated with a 2:1 🙌🏼I worked throughout many different lines of work and I’m still trying to find out what I want to be but in the meantime, I’m enjoying learning something new.

  • I love walks on a beach where the sand goes between my toes and being in the sea
  • I enjoy socialising with my friends
  • I love lazy days on the sofa watching Netflix
  • I’m enjoying helping people and seeing them smile
  • I also like to bake 🙂

Mustard dress from OhPolly.com

There was so many different items to choose from so finding an item wasn’t difficult, applying the filters such as colour, price and size on my phone didn’t seem to work but I hadn’t tried via a computer where it may have worked for me. Check out was really simple and I had no issues with information. I ordered my item on Friday and it arrived Monday so I was really impressed especially due to the current pandemic. The presentation was lovely in nice box, the item was folded neatly and inside a bag, the return labels and information were also available- this was a big deal for me as I have no access to a printer, I wouldn’t have been able to go online to print one. After trying on the item, it really didn’t fit like in the picture on the model I had ordered a uk size 10, which is what I would usually get. The material was really nice, to a high quality and felt comfortable when on. For me it was slightly short so I would probably wear it with something underneath. Due to the item not fitting I had to return it for a smaller size. When I got to the post office I had to pay for it to be returned. I was so used to having free returns from some companies I was shocked at the return fee of £4.10 as a customer I’d be rather frustrated by paying for the item paying for delivery and paying so much for return. There was an option to take to an Asda service to return it, however my local Asda’s did not provide this service. Overall I enjoyed the experience of receiving and reviewing the item.

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Want to 10x your Insta followers?


We take a close look at fashion influencer @Sarahjoholder

At a glance, Sarah Jo Holder might seem like just your average 25-year-old woman. But online, Sarah Jo can boast over 150,000 followers on Instagram (@sarahjoholder) and over three million views on her YouTube channel! It’s hard to believe that just one year before she only had 16,000 Instagram followers. That’s a 10x increase in followers in just over a year!

After graduating from university in 2014, Sarah Jo began a small fashion blog as a way of attracting potential employers. But after discovering social media influencers like Zoella and Patricia Bright, Sarah Jo was inspired to invest more time into her Instagram and YouTube accounts. Fast forward a few years, and Sarah Jo has clearly found her niche.

On YouTube, she identifies herself as an OCOS (obsessive chronic online shopper) who is always on the hunt for a good clothing discount. But one look at her Instagram proves that just because she’s spending less on her clothing does not mean she’s lacking in fashion sense!

Want to follow in Sarah’s footsteps? Here’s how!

10 Tips for Gaining 10x more Followers on Instagram!

Although being a social media influencer is a fairly new job, the field is increasingly competitive. It’s easy to get started. All you need is an internet connection. But after that is the hard part. You have to find a way to get noticed in the sea of established influencers as well as micro influencers. Let’s look at some top tips on how to grow your Instagram!

1) First, Work on Creating a Cohesive Aesthetic for Your Feed

Imagine a new potential follower clicking on your profile and scrolling through the feed. This is a lightning-fast glance, and if you don’t make a strong, lasting impression, no one is going to hit the “follow” button. Make sure the photos you have on your profile reflect a single, cohesive aesthetic. If you take a look at Sarah Jo’s feed, you’ll quickly see that she’s established a clear, cohesive look. Figure out what your “look” is and make sure your photos are reflecting that.

2) Strategically Utilize Story Highlights

Part of the appeal of Instagram stories is they’re only on your profile temporarily. But now you also have the option to highlight specific stories so that they’re instantly visible in your profile. If you have a story you’re especially proud of, highlight it. If you posted a story that you think is the perfect representation of your branding, highlight it. Choose stories that people find intriguing. If you look at Sarah Jo’s profile, you’ll notice that she’s highlighted several stories.

3) Engage with Other Influencers

One of the best ways to gain new followers is to engage with other influencers and their followers. Like their posts and comment, but also like the comments on their posts and reply to fellow followers. Put some thought into what you’re saying. If they like what you say, they just might check out your profile and give you a follow.

4) Cross-Promote Your Instagram Account

Find new Instagram followers by promoting your Instagram account on other social media platforms. Have a YouTube channel? Tell your subscribers to give you a follow and include your handle in the description box. Add your Instagram handle in your Twitter bio and link to your Instagram account on your personal blog.

5) Use Hashtags

Using hashtags on your posts and stories is one of the most effective ways for you to gain new followers! Anyone can see your posts if they’re checking out a hashtag you used. You’ll easily gain new followers through the explore page of Instagram. Sarah Jo uses hashtags on many of her posts. Not only can you use successful hashtags, but you can also create your own to start trends and help your followers easily locate your Insta posts.

6) Tag Your Location

Tagging your location is similar to gaining followers through hashtags. Instagram users sometimes check out posts by searching for a certain location. Whether you’re tagging your hometown or your vacation destination, this is an effective way to get noticed on social media. Sarah Jo also uses this method. She’s tagged locations all across the globe from Florida to Greece to the Island of Mauritius.

7) Post Regularly

Consistency is key to gaining a large Instagram following. In the Instagram world, that means you should be posting at least once a day. Sarah Jo posts at least once a day, sometimes several times a day. You don’t want to be pushing content if you don’t have any, but you do want to consistently show up in your followers’ feeds as well as the explore page.

8) Try to Get Featured

Chances are, no matter what kind of account you have on Instagram, there’s a feature account out there that’s all about it. Usually, these accounts will use certain hashtags or simply ask that you tag them in order to locate your posts. If they like what they see, you might get featured and seen by an entirely new audience. So do a little research and find accounts that do this on your area of expertise, whether it’s food, fashion, or something else.

9) Follow Your Role Models

Follow the accounts that you dream of aspiring to! They can be influencers that are just a little more popular than you or ones that you think are significantly out of your reach. Either way, that account will be notified you’ve followed them. If you’re lucky, they might check out your account and follow you back! Let’s assume their content is similar to yours and maybe their followers will love your account too, why don’t you scroll through their followers and like a pic or two to see if it leads to any new interactions. You’ll be surprised how effective this is.

10) Post Ads and Partnerships

Ads and partnerships may come a little later in your time as an Instagram influencer. But if you can find a brand who is willing to collaborate with you on a post, take it. Sarah Jo has done this with many brands (here’s an example!)

The road to becoming an Instagram influencer is difficult. You’ll have a lot of competition. But with hard work, research, and perseverance you can definitely increase your following by 1000%! Sarah Jo Holder did it in just one year. With these tips, we can all do it, too!

Sarah's original interview was featured in the March 2018 issue as the Fashion Project LIVE Award Show Judge, This feature was written by Fashion Project LIVE and does not represent Sarah's words or how she feels about her Instagram growth.

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Model of the Season Award

Model of the season award

Maria Luxe is the Fashion Project LIVE Magazine Model of the Season Award winner (W2019)

Maria's interview: I’m a model, speaker, and body positive activist. I try my best to represent my community as I’m Arabian and you don’t see many Arab models in the media. Modelling has been a blessing and a gift to me. It truly is something that I can wake up to with a huge smile on my face. The best thing about modelling, it’s not just about looking pretty and being able to take a picture... it’s about the connection that you can have with people through an image. In my images I show big girls who have been outcasted (like myself) that we are beautiful, we can be happy, we can wear and be whoever we want to be. 

model of the season award

I hope you take the time to sit with yourself and really listen to what you want in life. Life is so short whether we believe it or not. So it’s either you start living now, or you will always wish you lived!





Whoever told you, you can’t, Is a pathological liar.


model of the season award
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fashion project live magazine awards
fashion project live magazine awards
fashion project live magazine awards


Fashion Influencer Award

Esra by @moko_uk

Esra Aslan is the Fashion Project LIVE Magazine Fashion Influencer Award winner (W2019)

Esra's interview: I would like to start with a total honest opinion about myself. I Love myself and what I do! It is me and what makes me unique. My life is super chaotic and both of my professions are the opposite of each other. Being a model / Influencer and full time working in a pretty basic office job keeps my life balanced. I have this adventures vibe & "let's do  it" attitude 95% of the time (lol god bless my friends). I have visited a  gymnasium of economics and studied Fashion design in Düsseldorf at the PMD. After graduating I worked for a fashion company (GUESS )  as a Merchandiser. The job was okay if it only had a little bit more life to it. So I decided to do things I enjoy and ended up performing across Australia with a Circus Show called ' a touch of south America ' Now this was maybe a little extreme but just the right move to get to know myself. Now I am full time working in London my professions are Modelling and  Business development / Brand coaching.

I mainly work with creative professionals. I help smaller businesses with their development and marketing strategies. Somehow I got into modelling when I was discovered by a Nutrition brand called Ironmaxx. I started as a fitness model and travelled through Germany, visited many exhibitions, got more and more sponsorships throughout the years. Moving to London I connected with more fashion brands and people from the music industry and started Modelling professionally.

Esra Aslan by @moko_uk

My bill paying Job is in Canary wharf where I work for the well known LVMH Group. Now speaking of my talents, I am a very good cook (tested and proven 😜 ) I am skilled in aerial acrobatics such as aerial hoop or silks and dancing. Anything you do starts with you, make sure you Love yourself for who you are and what you do. Pretty, Successful, Famous those are rated by individuals you probably don't even care about. It's important how you see yourself because that is the way you will present yourself. I know a lot of models or Instagramers doubting themselves because of ridiculous reasons like, their butt is not big enough, their recent photo did not get enough likes, and when u go online all u see is adverts like Botox on sale, join my class make money etc. Okay this all might work for some people for me it is just taking space and peace from me.

All I am saying is ; Girlfriend you don't need a Kim K filler package for £500 to get you out there you need selflove, self respect and motivation in life. Personality attracts more then looks, that is just there until the next freshly Filler contoured face walks by. Your life is a reflection of yourself so take care of yourself first x


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fashion project live magazine awards
fashion project live magazine awards
fashion project live magazine awards