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Model Jasmin’s Interview

Jasmin Bennett: Fashion Model”Everyone is watching you model”Model: @jasminhelenmodelJasmin, 26 year old, singer, song writer, model, Shropshire, modelling, Elements of Couture, professional, connections in the industry, confidence, career,Why did you want to be part of this show?I have been a brand model for Elementz of Couture for almost two years now and every time I […]


Model Sonia Lal’s Interview

Sonia Lal : Fashion Model”I LOVE TO LOVE”Model: @sonia_lal_121I do modelling as well as extra/ acting work.I love working out, in fact it’s essential for me.I am usually attracted to unique and different things.I love to love.I am a spiritual type of person, in that I believe in law of attraction and trust energies and […]


New model wins Best High Fashion Model

Model Aliyah Daley” I won Best High Fashion Model”Model: @aliyah.vxI am fairly new to my modelling career, but I have already made an impact within a year! Being in a successful music video, a few fashion photo shoots for a clothing brand and for my own portfolio, as well as catwalk fashion show. I always work […]


Petite Model: That was the best moment of my life

Model Kamila Koltun”That was the best moment of my life”Model: @kamila.koltun_officialHi, I’m Kamila, I’m 26 and I’m originally from Poland. I have started doing modelling a year ago. I’ve decided to take things in my own hands and started focusing on myself properly. Modelling was always my dream since I was little.The biggest interest was […]