Fashion Influencer Award

Esra by @moko_uk

Esra Aslan is the Fashion Project LIVE Magazine Fashion Influencer Award winner (W2019)

Esra's interview: I would like to start with a total honest opinion about myself. I Love myself and what I do! It is me and what makes me unique. My life is super chaotic and both of my professions are the opposite of each other. Being a model / Influencer and full time working in a pretty basic office job keeps my life balanced. I have this adventures vibe & "let's do  it" attitude 95% of the time (lol god bless my friends). I have visited a  gymnasium of economics and studied Fashion design in Düsseldorf at the PMD. After graduating I worked for a fashion company (GUESS )  as a Merchandiser. The job was okay if it only had a little bit more life to it. So I decided to do things I enjoy and ended up performing across Australia with a Circus Show called ' a touch of south America ' Now this was maybe a little extreme but just the right move to get to know myself. Now I am full time working in London my professions are Modelling and  Business development / Brand coaching.

I mainly work with creative professionals. I help smaller businesses with their development and marketing strategies. Somehow I got into modelling when I was discovered by a Nutrition brand called Ironmaxx. I started as a fitness model and travelled through Germany, visited many exhibitions, got more and more sponsorships throughout the years. Moving to London I connected with more fashion brands and people from the music industry and started Modelling professionally.

Esra Aslan by @moko_uk

My bill paying Job is in Canary wharf where I work for the well known LVMH Group. Now speaking of my talents, I am a very good cook (tested and proven 😜 ) I am skilled in aerial acrobatics such as aerial hoop or silks and dancing. Anything you do starts with you, make sure you Love yourself for who you are and what you do. Pretty, Successful, Famous those are rated by individuals you probably don't even care about. It's important how you see yourself because that is the way you will present yourself. I know a lot of models or Instagramers doubting themselves because of ridiculous reasons like, their butt is not big enough, their recent photo did not get enough likes, and when u go online all u see is adverts like Botox on sale, join my class make money etc. Okay this all might work for some people for me it is just taking space and peace from me.

All I am saying is ; Girlfriend you don't need a Kim K filler package for £500 to get you out there you need selflove, self respect and motivation in life. Personality attracts more then looks, that is just there until the next freshly Filler contoured face walks by. Your life is a reflection of yourself so take care of yourself first x


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fashion project live magazine awards
fashion project live magazine awards
fashion project live magazine awards