Kerri wins Inspiration Award

inspiration award

Kerri Larkin is the Fashion Project LIVE Magazine Inspiration Award winner (W2019)

Kerri's interview: I was diagnosed with autism back in 2017, I was scared to tell people because most people do not understand it and it was hard for me to process when I was diagnosed. I am now embracing it and I want to tell other people with autism whatever your talents, let them shine. I am 32 from Northampton and I started modelling 2 years ago. It started off with my extra work and I started looking for TFP photographers. I am now with a model agency called model management. I may be a model with autism but it doesn't define me, it's a part of me. Doing modelling is a way of showing people my sense of style & creativity and how I express myself. I have 2 cats, fifi and fudge and I do weightlifting. I enjoy taking photos of wildlife in my spare time. Also I love having tattoos, it started at 18 and I never stopped. I just feel that you can express yourself with body art as it tells a story.

My advice : No matter what disability you have or mental health . Live your dreams every day is about living in the moment just go for it .


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fashion project live magazine awards
fashion project live magazine awards
fashion project live magazine awards