Like us I bet you've been quietly watching the angry comments building up from customers wanting a refund or even just a resonse to thier email from fast fashion brand @INTHESTYLE .

No?  Well let us fill you in, usually this is one of the UK's best social media savvy online female fashion brands but with their latest kind act to donate profit raised for their #BeKind T-shirts (in honor of Love Island's Caroline Flack)... They seem to have gotten distracted from actually delivering items that were sold (or at least the correct items).  

YES this Insta -War started before COVID-19 got in the way but the new medical situation isn't going to make their customer service run any smoother. 

When well- known fashion brands publicly treat customers like this, they make it 10X harder for less known brands to build trust on Instagram. And it's not a one-off! Some customer comments even talk about "getting a case together to take to trading standards", and even rumors of the brand "going into administration".

@INTHESTYLE's silence has lead to ugly criticism of their consistent promoting of new stock while blanking refund emails. This may seem like an extreme case of poor customer service that your brand would never do but... If you do ever find yourself in a public roasting, you'll be glad you got this secret weapon early. 

Michealla Meek

...Select a Reviewer

Find one customer you've upset, invite them to your office/ store/ event (right now a video chat is perfect. Try Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, HouseParty or WhatsApp).

Michealla Meek

...Really Connect

Introduce them to the staff for a part of the business they've never seen before, have a genuine convo about why they bought the outfit from you and apologize or explain how the mistake happened. 

Michealla Meek

...Make Them Happy

Make sure they get their refund, purchase or complimentary gift, then (this is important) have them verbally confirm that they feel satisfied with how you've handled the situation before the chat is over.

Michealla Meek

...Social Proof

This not so big gesture should be recorded with their permission and uploaded to social media (maybe Insta-stories, IGTV or IG- FB Live if you're feeling brave).

Michealla Meek

...Share Your Example

Direct angry customers to your new video via email or message. Not sure what to write? Check out my FREE EMAIL TEMPLATE. 

Michealla Meek

...Fix The Problem

This is not meant to be a social stunt but a humble stall for time with a lil bit of social relationship management, while you figure out how things got so messy.

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