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"I was shocked at the return fee"

Meet the gorgeous Natasha Higham, we gave her £30 spending money to grab her fave item from Oh Polly!

I’m 24 years old and I’m a Lettings administrator from West Yorkshire. I have an older brother who is like my best friend! When I was younger I had so many hobbies- I went to swimming, girl guides, Zumba classes, music centres (I played the flute amongst other instruments) I was in the Royal Regiment of Lancashire Fusiliers corps of drums as a fife player, I was also a bell ringer for my local church, I took part in competitions such as Miss UK Continents and others. I worked hard to be part of all these organisations alongside my studies at school, college and university. I studied performance throughout all my academic years and graduated with a 2:1 🙌🏼I worked throughout many different lines of work and I’m still trying to find out what I want to be but in the meantime, I’m enjoying learning something new.

  • I love walks on a beach where the sand goes between my toes and being in the sea
  • I enjoy socialising with my friends
  • I love lazy days on the sofa watching Netflix
  • I’m enjoying helping people and seeing them smile
  • I also like to bake 🙂

Mustard dress from OhPolly.com

There was so many different items to choose from so finding an item wasn’t difficult, applying the filters such as colour, price and size on my phone didn’t seem to work but I hadn’t tried via a computer where it may have worked for me. Check out was really simple and I had no issues with information. I ordered my item on Friday and it arrived Monday so I was really impressed especially due to the current pandemic. The presentation was lovely in nice box, the item was folded neatly and inside a bag, the return labels and information were also available- this was a big deal for me as I have no access to a printer, I wouldn’t have been able to go online to print one. After trying on the item, it really didn’t fit like in the picture on the model I had ordered a uk size 10, which is what I would usually get. The material was really nice, to a high quality and felt comfortable when on. For me it was slightly short so I would probably wear it with something underneath. Due to the item not fitting I had to return it for a smaller size. When I got to the post office I had to pay for it to be returned. I was so used to having free returns from some companies I was shocked at the return fee of £4.10 as a customer I’d be rather frustrated by paying for the item paying for delivery and paying so much for return. There was an option to take to an Asda service to return it, however my local Asda’s did not provide this service. Overall I enjoyed the experience of receiving and reviewing the item.

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