Photographer of the Season Award

photographer of the season award

Tianna Williams is the Fashion Project LIVE Magazine Photographer of the Season Award winner (W2019)

Tianna's interview: I am a maternity and newborn photographer based in Birmingham with a deep love for fashion photography. As a Mum of two children aged 3 and 1, I spend my time juggling parenting with the rollercoaster that is running a business. I am a registered nurse and midwife, which is very handy with the clients I usually have and of course is a strong reason for them choosing me as their photographer as they know I am safe and competent. I love photography, I probably spend time on it every single day. Learning, shooting, editing.

Photographer of the season award

My speciality is maternity and newborn, I like to add a flair of fashion and colour to my work which my clients love. I am moving into the Jewellery Quarter next month to start the next chapter in my business life and I am so excited for where I will go next.

Last year, in 2018 I embarked on a passion project that I collaborated with four beautiful models, a talented make up artist, a bespoke jeweller and an incredible stylist - ATUU Embrace, who ethically sources materials from a small village in Ghana to create fashion wear and we sure did create some magic which went on to win incredible awards and accolades.

photographer of the season award

Someone said to me, feel the fear and do it anyway. I think it is an incredible statement and you know you won't have any regrets. Do what you can to live your passion and your dreams, know that you deserve it. Always remain humble and appreciate the journey as well as the lessons along the way.


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fashion project live magazine awards
fashion project live magazine awards
fashion project live magazine awards