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Jamile’s Giveaway Winners

6 Winners AnnouncedPlease don’t try to enter, this giveaway is now closed!www.jamile.online@jamiledaviesPrint PDF book Print


The rise of the Fitness Influencer

Jamile DeSouza DaviesTHE RISE OF THE FITNESS INFLUENCERSocial media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat have completely changed the world we live in. If you stop sipping your latte for a second and look around your favorite coffee shop, you will likely notice that over half of the customers are thoroughly immersed in one of […]


Maria wins the Model of the Season Award

Model of the Season Award winnerMaria Luxe is the Fashion Project LIVE Magazine Model of the Season Award winner (W2019)Maria’s interview: I’m a model, speaker, and body positive activist. I try my best to represent my community as I’m Arabian and you don’t see many Arab models in the media. Modelling has been a blessing […]


Esra wins the Fashion Influencer Award

Fashion Influencer Award winnerEsra Aslan is the Fashion Project LIVE Magazine Fashion Influencer Award winner (W2019)Esra’s interview: I would like to start with a total honest opinion about myself. I Love myself and what I do! It is me and what makes me unique. My life is super chaotic and both of my professions are […]