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Chantelle Reviews Us

Chantelle model

We asked the beautiful Chantelle to review one of our archived magazines and tell us who her favourite interview feature was. 

My name is Chantelle Douglas, I am 35 and live in Bristol. I am also a mother to three wonderful children.  I started out my journey by attending a ms curvaceous UK body confidence workshop, to my amazement I managed to get through to the finals and it just went from there. For me being a plus size model is being able to represent the girls/ women that you don't see on tv or in the magazines. I believe everybody has the right to feel good about themselves. I know what its like to experience body shaming it's awful.

Ruth model influencer

"Ruth is very real and that's what I like about her"

Favourite Feature:

Well I speak to the beautiful @ruthcurvemodel on Instagram and came across an article about her, she is stunning and I love everything she stands for, I definitely look up to her.

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Magazine Review

"I think it's a great platform"


Model Chantelle
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fashion project live magazine awards
fashion project live magazine awards
fashion project live magazine awards